I have received many glowing testimonials from my customers and regular receive, unsolicited "thank you" messages.

Below can be seen a small selection of these :-

"Karen, thank you so much from us all for your work, we are really pleased with the final portrait."
Sarah, mother of the "Two little boys".

"You've captured Gus's personality perfectly."
The owners of "Gus".

"Mickey was my best friend, and now he has passed on and can no longer be on stage with me, I am going to have his picture with me as part of my shows. You really are so very good at your job."
World-record holder Terry Cole, owner of "Mickey".

"The portrait is lovely, you have really captured Jaimee's eyes Karen. Can't wait to show her, it will make her feel special. I much admire your artistic talent."
The mother of "Jaimee".

"I absolutely love it, you've captured Henry's expression and Chloe's cheeky face so perfectly. Nice one, Chloe and Henry look so great, please tell Karen 'Well done'."
The owners of "Chloe and Henry".